logoPT. LELANGON is a leading national company in design, manufacture and installation for Crane and Conveyor.

Our products are included such as Overhead Crane, Container Crane, Level Luffing Crane and Deck Crane.

We provide services such as engineering design, consulting and survey for Crane and Winder. Also for crane modification, refurbishment, repair and maintenance service.

We have many experiences for crane design, fabrication, repair and maintenance, some of our experience listed below :
– Design Fabrication and installation Ship Loader, during August 1999 – 2000, for PT. Petro Kimia Gresik
– Fabrication Crane Cap. 80 ton, in 1999, for PT. Jakarta Prima Crane (Design by KONECRANES, Finland)
– Fabrication Crane Cap. 150 ton, in 1999, for PT. MHE Dematic Indonesia (Design by MHE DEMAG, Germany)
– Erection Kone Gantry Crane 400 tons for PT. Britoil Offshore Indonesia in Batam
– Design, Fabrication and Erection Gantry Crane 80T/20T for Shipyard Batamec in Batam